It is an online website which allows you to post different d ads and several items you wish to sell.

It provides services to around 50 countries and some small and large cities in the USA. This site was launched in 1995.

In this article we will be addressing the most asked question How To Post A Job On Craigslist?. After reading this article you will get to know all the details related to Craigslist.


         You have to make sure that if you want to post jobs on Craigslist you must have an account on Craigslist.

These are the 5 major steps that you have to follow to create account on Craigslist :-

STEP – 1

Go on the website of Craigslist (

Open any browser and type  the name of the website as mentioned above. This website will automatically detect your Geo location and it will redirect you to a sub location based on your Geo. If the website is unable to detect your location you will see a page that looks like the one below. Now, you just need to find your city, click on the link to get started.


STEP – 2

Click on my account option.

On your desktop screen or phone screen on the top – left – hand – side of Craigslist homepage and click My account link.

craigslist job posting tips

STEP – 3

Create Account

Enter your email Address . Click on  the Create Account button. After this process is done, within a few seconds Craigslist will send you a link in the email.

post job ad on craigslist

STEP – 4

Choose a password

 Choose a strong password of 8 characters long. Enter the password and click the Submit password and log in button.

STEP – 5

Continue to your account.

You will be shown that the password is successfully set up. The website will provide you with some Terms of Service. Click on the Accept button to continue.

post jobs for free on craigslist

Congratulations your account had been successfully created!


In order to post jobs you need an account which I have already explained how to make. Now, you have to login first in order to get started.

There are major 9 steps that you have to follow in order to post a job on Craigslist.

STEP – 1

Choose a new posting

In the homepage of your account on the right hand side find the “new posting in” area.  Select the Geo you want to post in and then click on the go button.

how to post job in craiglists


Pick job offered

You will be shown with a list of different Craigslist – supported posts. From these few options you have to Click on  the job offered option.

craigslist job posting for employers

STEP – 3

Pick a job category

On your screen you will be provided with a list of different job categories like manufacturing, food/beverage/hospitality, human resource and much more. You have to choose the category that best matches the type of position you are hiring for.

After this is done, you will be provided with a list of pricing information.

STEP – 4

Job post details

Some of the major areas like New York and few others will ask you to choose a more specific area. If you get these options you should select one from those. So that the people whom you will hire will get to know more about you, like in the terms where you actually live.

After this you have to fill some fields related to the job. Like your job title, description and so on. Once you are satisfied click the continue button.

STEP – 5

Map option

The Craigslist will provide you with another page and will ask you whether you want to provide your location on the map or not. This option is up to you if you wish to provide your location on map otherwise there is no need of doing it.

STEP – 6

Add images

This step is optional but  according to me it’s good to add images because it will make your job description a little more attractive. So, it’s better to upload images.


Review The post

The website will provide you with another page and in this if you want to make any changes you can do that. When everything looks fine click on the publish button.

STEP – 8

Pricing conformation

In this step Craigslist will ask you in order to confirm that you will need to pay for listing. If it looks like everything is ok you can go ahead and click on the continue button.


Pay for job post

Enter all the payment information like Card number, verification number  card address, city and much more.

craigslist job posting

Your job will be shown live for 30 days or until you pull it from the system.


Where can I post a job for free?

Craigslist usually charges a fee to post jobs in all US cities. But you can post it for free using Proven and you can manage your hiring process.

Is Craigslist free?

Craigslist is free but if you are posting jobs, selling goods in the US then you are likely to charge.

How much it cost to post an ad on Craigslist?

It usually costs between $7 to $75, depending upon your geo location.

How does Craigslist make their money?

Whenever you post a job, Craigslist makes up their money. Also there are many ways in which they make up their money.

Craigslist Job Posting Tips

  1. Add a specific job title
  2. Write a unique company name.
  3. Write the job description effectively. 
  4. Recheck the grammar and spellings you have used.
  5. Add the job skills
  6. Try to remove non essential qualifications and duties.
  7. Clearly share all the details.
  8. State your deadline.
  9. Mention the price.
  10. Send all the candidates a set of screening questions.

You need to follow the above steps to get the right answer of HOW TO POST A JOB ON CRAIGSLIST hope you guys like the content and the information provided on this page. There are many how to blogs also there on this website. Hope you guys learn the steps about post job ad on craigslist if face any issue do comments I will definitely answer to solve your issue.

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